Click on a scientific name below to expand it in the PLANTS Classification Report. = (Vulcan) changed to olens Marie Martin cv (carolinae 'Lineata' x concentrica) x macwilliamsii? The status of the 133 species names for the genus Neoregelia recorded in The Plant List, are as follows: Status Total Accepted: 115: 86.5% Synonym: 15: 11.3% Unplaced: 0: 0% Unassessed: 3: 2.3%: All names. Mar 13, 2018 - BROMELIAD NEOREGELIA "FRANKIE" ...a stunning MEDIUM growing beauty... in Home & Garden, Yard, Garden & Outdoor Living, Plants, Seeds & Bulbs | eBay! NEOREGELIA ‘Yellow Lines’? ID 56046 Symbol Key NEORE Common Name neoregelia Family Bromeliaceae Category Monocot Division Magnoliophyta US Nativity N/A US/NA Plant Yes State Distribution N/A Growth Habit N/A Lime green leaves with bright red spots, barring & fingernails. A cute compact grower reaching up to 9 inches tall. Neoregelia 'Apricot Beauty' A medium-sized rosette, apricot rusty-red with green splotches and a red centre. The leaves are deep green with abundant red spotting and blotching. Flushes red in the centre when flowering. catalogue of Bromeliads used for various projects by - © Lloyd Godman. One of Shane Zaghini's River series. The apricot belongs to the rose family, along with peaches and almonds. 2 in stock! The violet-blue flowers are deep inside the urn, vase, tank or cup (the well in the center of the plant is called many names!) White edged with red flush when flowering. Neoregelia 'Mo Peppa Please' Quick View Neoregelia 'Mo Peppa Please' Sold Out . Smaller growing with an upright habit. Neoregelia 'Apricot Beauty' 'Lambert's Pride' ? Apricot as a hair colour encompasses a palette from warm coppery reds through to lighter strawberry blondes and Jo and Louisa plump for a shade somewhere in the middle. by the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. Neoregelia is a genus of epiphytic flowering plants in the family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Bromelioideae, native to South American rainforests. © 2021 - Wholesale Bromeliads of Australia, Information/Cultivation for Specific Bromeliads. The Genus Neoregelia Family Bromeliaceae. Sep 18, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Lourenço Aguiar. Whether in a pot or in the landscape, 'Fireball' starts filling in the space and spreading out with its stoloniferous habit. Created by Visual Graphix The Black Beauty in the photo provided is similar to the one you will receive. Large growing neoregelia from George Anderson named by Grace Goode, Bright red with lime green spots & barring, Small growing neo hybrid from the USA - glossy red leaves, A beautiful Hawaiian hybrid with lustrous pink foliage, Bright crimson leaves with large lime green spots, Dark maroon shiny leaves with pink tones in the centre when flowering, Beautiful delicate marbled markings - smaller growing neoregelia, Large growing neo - wide leaves with dark maroon (almost black) markings & a pinkish/purple centre when flowering. Lloyd is at present re-establishing his collection where he now lives Alexander the Great introduced apricots to Greece from China, and the apricot crop was cultivated around the world for centuries before Spanish missionaries brought it to America in the late 1800s. Neoregelia carolinae (nee-oh-ree-GEE-lee-uh ka-roh-LIN-uh) – Also known as the “Blushing Bromeliad or Cartwheel Plant.” Blushing bromeliad gets its name from the way the leaves in the center of the plant turn bright red as the plant begins to flower. It is a rapid growing plant that produces clusters of red rosettes on six inch stolons and is outstanding in tropical gardens, hanging baskets, and in terrariums. / G Lawn* 1998 Neoregelias are quite hardy, among the easiest of Bromeliads to grow, and generally form open rosettes that dramatically change colour in the centre or heart at flowering. Can be grown in full sun or shade. Neoregelia, genus of about 40 species of epiphytes (plants that are supported by other plants and have aerial roots exposed to the humid atmosphere) of the pineapple family (Bromeliaceae) native to tropical South America. "I received the parcel yesterday - all the plants are beautiful. MEDIUM HARDY. Genus: Neoregelia: Name: 'Apricot Beauty' Photos: Photo by Gerry Stansfield: Species/Cultivar: Cultivar: Taxonomic rank: Hybrid: Hybridizer: ? Black Beauty. Dark purple with large lime spots. and photosynthesis projects - the collection of pants he accessed in Neoregelias are quite hardy, among the easiest of Bromeliads to grow, and generally form open rosettes that dramatically change colour in the centre or heart at flowering. Neoregelia 'Apricot Brandy' 'Haole Girl' X ('Marble Throat' x 'David's Cross') Neoregelia 'Apricot Marble' 'Ice White River' X ? ©Deroose Plants - Exotic Plant 2017 - Alle rechten voorbehouden. Genus - Neoregelia : Sub- family - Bromelioideae: Family - Bromelioideae. Neoregelia carolinae, commonly called blushing bromeliad, is an epiphetic evergreen perennial that is native to tropical rain forests in southeastern Brazil. Broad leaves marked with maroon & a purple centre. Neoregelia Fireball native to South American rain forests are epiphytes where it can be found growing in trees and fence posts. Plants are marked NZ for those collected in New Zealand - or Aust - for the new plants collected since coming to Australia. With so many plants with the words "Betty" and "Head" out there, this one surely confuses the crap out of everyone. $12.00 - $15.00 : Neoregelia 'Avilla' A medium sized … Beautiful smaller growing neo from Hawaiian hybridist Sharon Petersen, Lovely Hawaiian hybrid from Howard Yamamoto, Colourful variegated hybrid by Chester Skotak, Medium growing neo with broad leaves & compact habit, Smaller growing variegated neo which flushes with pink when flowering with a red centre, Large growing neoregelia with broad leaves & orange tones, One of the best - small growing with cerise leaves with a darker  edge, Darl red leaves with large lime green spots, Unusual delicate colours - pale green leaves with spotted pink centre, Medium growing hybrid  from Chester Skotak, Attractive neoregelia with finer leaves & a bright pink centre, Beautiful medium neo - mid green leaves are spotted & barred with pink with a salmon pink centre, Purple clone of 'Barbarian'  - smaller growing, Variegated neo from Chester Skotak (carolinae x 'Blue Navy Blues') x 'Blue Navy Blues', A lovely medium growing hybrid from Grant Groves (USA) of unknown parentage, Lighter green leaves with dark purple markings, leaf edges & tips, Inner leaves flushed with red with red markings - medium growing, Marbled hybrid with red tones  - one of the River series, Lovely Hawaiian import with deep apricot colours, Smaller growing neoregelia with bright pink fingernails & markings & a bright pink centre when flowering. Habit: Apricot Beauty grows to form a medium sized rosette with apricot rust red leaves that often have green splotches on them. Neoregelia 'Black Forest' Quick View Neoregelia 'Black Forest' Sold Out. Discover (and save!) in Melbourne. White edged leaves with a dark inky blue centre, Smaller growing - bright red finely streaked with lime, Medium green leaves with a bright red raised centre, Colourful medium growing neo - lovely for landscaping, Beautiful medium growing neo from Bob Larnach of Australia  (one of the Aussie Dream series), Glossy pink tones - lovely contrast to greenery for landscaping, Delicate tones of pink with this variegated Neoregelia, A beautiful Yamamoto hybrid from Hawaii ('Magnifica' x marmorata), Bright burnt orange tones in this medium growing neoregelia, Light green leaves with dark pink fingernails, blotches & centre, Light green leaves spotted with deep red with a red centre when flowering, Reddish orange outer leaves with a centre streaked with lime, Colourful mini neo - red with lime barring, Smaller growing mini with lime green leaves & dark red spots, Bright smaller growing mini -dark red with lime barring, Lovely little red mini neo splashed with lime, This mini neo from the USA has lovely purple tones, Small variegated neo which clumps readily, Smaller growing mini - deep red with heavy lime barring. Small growing marbled hybrid with blue tones in the centre when flowering. Discover (and save!) X ? Neoregelia 'April Fool' 'Painted Lady' X 'Two Tone' Neoregelia 'April Love' 'April Sue' X 'Perfecta Tricolor' Neoregelia 'April Sue' (marmorata x spectabilis) X ? The rossettes are usually spreading and flat although some are vase shaped. Spiny brightly coloured species neoregelia found in the rainforests of Peru. This It is an extremely popular bromeliad plant known for turning deep red when exposed to strong light.

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