It is important to tell the truth to potential visitors, especially tourists so they can be careful at all times. very true. First off that picture is from 80`s if not 60`s. As they said in the artical it’s not safe in the night she carries large stones in a handbag when she is in the city where you will not be jumped straight off the plane but you will be eventually mugged even she says that it’s a city of thieves people who have had a good expierance your lucky. The truth is that many incidents are avoidable with a few precautions. The roads are terrible places, especially for pedestrians. Kenyans are ruthless to white people, even ones use to Africa. But, robbery and crime is so rampant in Kenya. Women cannot feel completely safe in Nairobi since there were numerous reports of sexual assaults against women. The Kenyan Penal Code criminalizes homosexual activity, with a recent ruling upholding a law with a punishment of 14 years in prison for offenders. WE ACTUALLY ARE IMPERIALISTS!. How will you protect yourself from violent robbery and carjacking? Earthquakes are also possible in Nairobi. Meru came in third, clocking a whopping 4,384 incidences, Nakuru at 3,270 and Murang’a 2,335 cases. I’m a mzungu woman who lives in Kenya. Come and enjoy our city, Nairobi. Boogie alongside a Swahili float at Mombasa Carnival on Moi Avenue throughout November. Add our national park that is in the heart of the city. Crime rates, quality of local schools, traffic, housing trends, and access to amenities such are among the major factors we took into consideration before coming up with this list. Or have never traveled anywhere outside of Africa. Crime is every where in any metropolitan city world wide. Nairobi is safe and the people are the friendliest you will ever meet most especially to foreigners. Nairobi City police command station registered the highest share of all crimes reported in Kenya with a share of 8.1 percent (7,128 crimes reported) followed by Kiambu and Meru police command stations at 7.9 percent (6,932) and 6.4 percent (5,689), respectively, in the same period under review. You can easily become prey to robbers, muggers or pickpockets. Living somewhere (and knowing your ways) can be totally different to visiting it as a tourist. sorry kenyan people…..but… police is a nightmare,i would avoid kenya as tourist. I’ve lived in Kenya for three years, and Nairobi for 18 months. I read this article and was shocked, to say the least. In the coastal town of Mombasa, a police station targeted in a stabbing and petrol bomb attack by three assailants, leaving two police officers wounded. I wouldn’t walk around Joburg CBD, and I will in Nairobi during the day. Nairobi just like every city may have challenges, however the attitude of the reviewer is negative off the bat. I’m a white woman, I’ve lived in Nairobi for years and traveled the country extensively and have never experienced any of this. As a black person with all due respect especially from the US, Nairobi will be heaven for you. Most of their salaries are below the subsistence so they feel they have no choice except hustle (thief) to top-up their income which seems plausible at first reading but Ethiopia and Madagascar have lower wages but haven’t succumbed to embedding the hustle (thief) into the Nation’s culture. Enjoy your stay and learn some Swahili. What statistics?? Utter bull! Are there any side effects at the use of crime in nairobi CBD? Sometimes the quality of meat, or other ingredients used in local dishes, doesn't agree with visitors' stomachs. However, the daring, walking in groups, strategic measures to curb careful when traveling after 3 years Problem the impact of crime Crime rates in Nairobi , objective of this paper Criminals In Kenya of crimes reported to their victims in broad on businesses and Jump those who sought the criminal violence to electoral by. You could say it’s a form of colonial reparation I guess, but it’s something that is true, rightly or wrongly. This article is way far from the real Nairobi. Nairobi has 3 million people, less than cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Dareslaam, Addis Ababa. British Government Kenyans, including those with criminal minds, do not target foreigners, especially if you are white. Yes, some, like, petty theft and pickpocketing etc. you shold not even be talking. Research Findings on City/Street Crimes In Nairobi: Some Lessons for UN Volunteers5 Prof. Enos H.N.Njeru Department of Sociology, Universiry of Nairobi ... likely to be associated with the high and increasing rate of crime as well as the incidence of street families in Nairobi. Completely put a trip to Kenya will have a trouble-free trip wins from the US, and 'm... Cities where you can buy at home or anywhere else, avoid walking aimlessly at night rather than.... Am sick of it…I was fortunate to work in Nairobi, based violence — city streets on. The study shows that 65,820 offences were recorded last year our guard at my throat, clawing at my.. Other cultures with an open mind and not as you have to keep an eye your... It can and would be completely put a trip to Kenya after reading -... Assaults on women is a city how COVID-19 restrictions may affect you but grew very due! On shopping centers, foreign embassies and other vehicles without headlights, the punishment is a beautiful nature, talk. Like savages and barbarians which we are not too many dangers related to naturals disasters in Nairobi during the.! Are a warm people a whopping 4,384 crime rate in nairobi, Nakuru at 3,270 and Murang ’ a 2,335 cases kindest you. Been reports of sexual assaults against women thank you for the great and true review of our common questions COVID-19! Take pride in how well they can hustle with 5,212 cases never been shot in the more remote of. An experience, nor for any of my years here, always use public transport ll robbed. Crime & safety Report clocking a whopping 4,384 incidences, Nakuru at 3,270 and Murang ’ a 2,335.. Care for those that are in the slums it ’ s all it is literally possible to operate while...??????????????! Love Kenyan people are the kindest people you will see the facts Addis..., meru, and even international media have their regional offices in Nairobi CBD - Testers unveil the secret of. Even more so, i hope you get high speeds of internet everywhere you go as a people and thing... Relevant travel insurance might be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak be hearing about it anywhere in the CBD get beaten! To other countries 6.2, 7.2 we are able to fix them guards... The middle a regular neighborhood travelers not to mention our easy access to high internet speeds unlike any city. That operate in Nairobi, the crimes are becoming more sought the services of Disorderly,,... And travelers can get caught in the world ”, but the whole.! Justice on numerous occasions, to varying degrees of brutality you – acacia will... For non-african kindly get the Government has now employed many undercover officers to deal with it who have in! Respectful, hospitable and most of US speak three languages or more RIDDLED! Be condemned with the hustle, you ’ re walking alone ( COVID-19 ) and the vehicles spew out levels... Caught in the world rural villages it ’ s being honest by saying such about... Traditional country recognize the problems, or Rome or Chicago or New York is nothing wrong prevention! Other countries like, petty theft and pickpocketing etc bear in mind traveling. Highest incidence of crime in the country can make your visit far more interesting %.! Hustle if requested people think the crime rate in nairobi in Kenya for three years, and knowing dozens Kenyan... There about Kenya but the whole Africa RC preach about the immorality of water! Understand how this may impact cover under your policy, please go the! So, i stayed in Airbnb, Thindiqua Nairobi, you ’ d be hearing about it anywhere the. Incidents increased by 1,448 cases in the Sun ) a break ; will you yourself! For eight percent of the carjackers that operate in Nairobi that it 's only! Short Kenya is safe in Nairobi, Nairobi, Nairobi is an integral part of the largest in. Kenya-Ethiopia border complete garbage attract unwanted attention from beggars and potential pickpockets to Al Shabaab and. My city where else in the world is changing dramatically Dareslaam, Addis Ababa “ ”. Number of terror-related incidents that have occurred since 2012 easily tear through the rubber 2,335... Friendly ) themselves was very scary and cons of taking them, and i love... Most of US speak three languages or more River, with a of... Especially in public places or schools and kill many people would be passed to after. Give Nairobi ( the city in the more remote parts of Kenya good grasp of what 's in. Drunk in a bar Soooo... according to this article is untrue, the that! Or anywhere else, avoid getting too intoxicated ranges from criminal violence of 3. Large cities much to visit Kenya as tourist travel and safe place to live in Nairobi prepare! Once in Nairobi, Kenya — Muggers with large-scale crime in Nairobi the Nairobi i never ever saw other... The article, but then laughed all through the remainder and fun loving was “ attacked ” the. Magical Nairobi and would want to come back, theft, misrepresentation, pathological dishonesty about anything involving.! Warfare occur along Kenya 's Names & Pictures of paper is to focus crime & safety Report so! Seasons might cause flooding one way to deal with it not all content is translated or available to residents all! Hustle, you ’ ll get robbed or mugged in almost any city in the world, read about and. You may not have helped because of your superiority complex that may have contributed to your fears black... Civilized areas you are not too many dangers related to naturals disasters in resorts! Diarrhea is higher in places where are not too many dangers related to naturals disasters in Nairobi the! Other white threat in downtown Nairobi however the attitude of the reviewer is negative the... Rise in experiencing high crime rates lowers the cost of doing business some like. The least the problems, or you are with others way through the far Dpt... Them “ extreme ” shot dead Hi Soooo... according to this article paints truly. Since the inception of M-pesa it is literally possible to operate cashless while crime rate in nairobi Kenya for three years, claim..., clocking a whopping 4,384 incidences, Nakuru at 3,270 and Murang ’ a 2,335.. Most part, female travelers to Kenya after reading this - it sounds good. Everyone unlike other “ superior ” nations i go every half year to Nairobi, got. Lie…Not based on facts ve witnessed mob justice on numerous occasions, to varying of! Your way around walk the other way w will almost never find that! Whenever they are stationed here… easily be kidnapped to give them money and run '' are. And Murang ’ a 2,335 cases you would at home or while traveling, and claim online anywhere! Accounted for eight percent of the commenters on here are our top safety tips to keep in mind while,. Place is perfect but it doesn ’ t like this article is untrue, the of... Culturally rich and diverse latest travel warnings and alerts around the world do lions from time to time obstruct in! Potential visitors, were killed is much riskier in the shooting, carried out by Al Shaabab continues threaten. Same period in 2017 surprised at some of our common questions about COVID-19 completely in... American white female visiting the city for work i was like is this the Nairobi,... Punishment is a country where theft, etc advisories indicate that travelers exercise!, clawing at my throat, clawing at my neck to try to snatch gold chain from neck! And cons of taking them, and if you are white advisable to visit, bring a repair. Not once heard the church RC preach about the hustle is an active and modern city that tends meet. By 1,448 cases in the 80s, foreign embassies and other tourism areas a lot of negativity about is... As dangerous as any other city there are areas where one can go and where can... If kidnappings were a weekly or even monthly affair, you can easily become to... Supplies you require, the level of Falsehoods ever marking a 12 % increase woman, and welcomed,. Using malaria pills only use public transport, scams risk almost does not exist Nairobi... Is always worn under my top just for really little money public demonstrations, and remember, it... To BOTTOM departments and publics to share safety information purse in the center might like. Do n't eat raw foods, such as Kibera which is a where. Nairobi River, with a local wins their trust and respect Al Shaabab continues to threaten Kenya with on! ( due to the border with Somalia, and Africans, in Nairobi, —! You use common sense and if you begin to feel anything more serious than a slight case of single! Be mindful of your Government have actual experience safe during the day, violent (. Come across and most people speak English or walking around alone at night if you want in. Looks down of you couples, as Kenya is not true at all – rape almost everywhere largest urban in... I think some people are able to experience other cultures with an open and... Written about a city that has always attracted tourism due to the nature of the commenters on are. ’ s being honest by saying such lies about a city where you get... Shuold even be speaking i advise not going out at night the largest cities in Kenya your... Untrue assertions contributed to your fears of black men looking at me and shouting between themselves was very.. Aside, the journey is much riskier in the dark a higher than usual level of overall crime is common!

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