Thus, this study aims to fill the contextual gap by investigating the effects of the independent variables and mediating effects of satisfaction. The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of customer satisfaction and switching barriers on customer loyalty as well as the mediating effect of the … This conceptualistion of service quality has its origins in the expectancy-disconfirmation paradigm. No business organization can survive without building its customer satisfaction; likewise no organization can make a healthy living without meeting the needs of its customers. Mobile Service Quality As it is important in every industry, quality perceptions also have great importance in mobile services. Data were collected from 388 customers of mobile telecommunication industry. Service quality is being used as a competitive arm to differentiate them and to create customer satisfaction. Keywords: Customer satisfaction, service quality, food reliability Introduction1 The restaurant industry has become one of the most profitable industries in the world. This paper aimed to assess the level of service quality and customer satisfaction at Emtel LTD. As the level of competition is constantly increasing in the telecommunications sector, one key way to stand out of this rivalry is to provide respectable service quality. and perceptions of Telecom Sector in India” attempts to analyse the gap in service quality of Telecom sector in terms of customers’ expectations and perceptions regarding mobile phone services. Download PDF. A total of 230 respondents participated in the study. these comp. Findings of study showed that service quality, customer satisfaction, trust, ... studies are conducted on the determinants of customer loyalty in telecom industry in the context of Bangladesh. A short summary of this paper. Download PDF. The high quality service will have a positive impact on the customer satisfaction. telecommunication industry. The results … Service quality acts as an antecedent to customer satisfaction (CS). The customer’s satisfaction and trust are influenced by the perceived quality service. Download Full PDF Package . PDF. Research questions and objectives were set, alongside the hypotheses that were formulated and tested. customer satisfaction in telecom industry of Pakistan. Usually, it is difficult to rate service quality due to the presence of vagueness in the available information as well as impreciseness in the physical nature of the problem. Free PDF. Results revealed that the … PDF. Corpus ID: 16508882. This paper. The aim of this paper “Customer satisfaction in the mobile telecommunication industry” is to analyze customer satisfaction , which describes the situation StudentShare Our website is a unique platform where students can share their papers in a matter of giving an example of the work to be done. Ahlam Salem. Other then service quality, the impact of image factor in relation with customer satisfaction can also be investigated for further research in the same area. Download Full PDF Package. According to Chingang and Lukong (2010) it is important for firms to know how to measure service quality in consumers’ perspective in order to better understand their needs and satisfy them. Moreover, the studies of Turel & Serenko (2006), Wang et al. However, one of the key challenges confronting these companies is how they manage their service quality, which holds a grea deal to customer satisfaction. International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol. In addition there is a need to be aware of socio-economic characteristics which influence the customer’s satisfaction. Service quality can be a better instrument for forecasting the customer satisfaction. Download Free PDF. Service quality taps into business, marketing, and psychological research and practices to provide a satisfied customer. achieving long term success in the service industry. Service quality and customer satisfaction are very important concepts that companies must understand in order to remain competitive in business (Chingang & Lukong 2010). To achieve the objective, reviews of the literature were presented. Sekuru Lav. Service quality today has become not only the rhetoric of every business enterprise, but also occupies eminent position in every discourse. An empirical study of Pakistan Author Sidra Ansar, co author Samreen Lodhi . However, one of the key challenges confronting these companies is how they manage their service quality, which holds a grea deal to customer satisfaction. 3 No.

This study investigates the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in the telecommunication industry with a focus on Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) Nigeria. PDF. 5.8 Areas for further research This study focused on examining the relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality in telecom industry in Tanzania: citing a case study of Vodacom Tanzania. Technological Innovations, Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Cameroons’ Mobile Telecommunication Industry Molem, Christopher Sama, Akume Daniel Akume, Beri Parfait Bihkongnyuy Department of Economics and Management, University of Buea, P.O Box 63, Buea, Cameroon Abstract: The quantum leap in technology and its discernible spillover in telecommunication, flanked by wide … The Telecommunication industry in Nigeria has developed to be very competitive, as different . Customer satisfaction can be built up when brand satisfies the requirements and cravings of clients. ABSTRACT: The Telecommunication industry in Nigeria has developed to be very competitive, as different Telecom companies jostle for the attention of subscribers. International and local restaurant chains are satisfying the demand of customers in variety Corresponding author’s details: of range of products and services. Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in a Telecommunication Service Provider @inproceedings{Loke2011ServiceQA, title={Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in a Telecommunication Service Provider}, author={Siew-Phaik Loke and Ayankunle A. Taiwo and Hanisah Mat Salim and A. G. Downe}, year={2011} } However its all depends upon that which segments a company is targeting and what are their expectations for that product [7]. Telecom industry has been the source for generating about 327.8 billion rupees in the economy and is currently one of the most greatly taxed sectors of the country. This research works toward identifying the service quality constructs for the telecommunication industry, the extent they affect customer satisfaction, the perceived switching costs and their significance to the customer. Service quality (SQ), in its contemporary conceptualisation, is a comparison of perceived expectations (E) of a service with perceived performance (P), giving rise to the equation SQ=P-E. However, one of the key challenges confronting . Customer satisfaction becomes the most important factor for Telecom Services. Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Industry A Study of Telecom industry Peshawar KPK Pakistan ... A low quality service is such type of service which does not fulfill the requirements [6].

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