Reporting on what you care about. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Minnie Mouse. Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. Baymax. I’ll give him points for his chest hair, though. This is a list of Disney villain characters often based on animated fictional characters who have been featured as part of the Disney character line-up.Some of these villain characters have appeared in sequels, video games, comic books, stage productions, or live-action adaptations of the original films.. Much like with the Disney Princess line with Disney's princess characters, the … Black Widow. ), so...bonus points for that! Play Again. Or more of an Aladdin? Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Like, congratulations, you learned not to be a jerk? 8/10, Jenna: I’ve never seen Atlantis: The Lost Empire (anything that came out in the early ‘00s fell into my brief “too old for kids movies, too young to not give a fuck that I’m too old for kids movies” phase). List of Disney characters Pinocchio (1940). How comes no one ever mentions the best Disney male role models for boys? Cruella De Vil from "101 Dalmatians" Cruella, as her name aptly describes, is one of the cruelest … See also Category:Heroines for heroic female characters. What are your school reports like? What do you last weekend? Bo Peep. Buzz Lightyear. Pluto. 5/10, Crystal: I’ve never been attracted to the Beast. Is it because Disney’s most characters and plots are based on good guys vs bad guys making it easier to villainize guys? Crystal: Aladdin has it all: good looks, great voice, smarts, a heart of gold, … 7/10, Jenna: Prince Charming unfortunately falls into the same trap as Prince Florian: because he was hard to animate, he is hardly in the movie. But, alas, I am not. JK, if it’s Flynn Rider, he can get away with it. Goofy. If you are a Disney fanatic, then naming the new family addition after a Disney cat would be purrrfect. So I bet he’d be open to ~finessing~ a lot of things. Starting with Steamboat Willie (1928), The Walt Disney Company and its various properties have entertained people of all ages and created an international mythos filled with damsels in distress and champions in rodent form. So, points for that? A wooden boy carved by Geppetto, made animate & adopted by him, & eventually turned into a real boy. 4/10, Jenna: Apparently Prince Florian was really hard to animate realistically, which is why he only appears in the movie twice. Plus, he’s a dog-lover (maybe the biggest dog-lover ever?! Aladdin, Aladdin. Plus he’s suave AF and knows how to mooooove. HE IS SO FREAKING HOT I CAN’T STAND IT. 1/10. 8/10, Jenna: Oh yeah. Jun 16, 2018 - Disney Prince - While most fans are enamored with the princesses, this series centered on the Disney Princes will captivate just about anyone. UVL - Universal Videogame List - ©1998-2021. I’m ready to get down to business alright. Plus he has a great face and a winning personality. Instead of the successful and dominant role he plays the thief role, while physically having the appearance and charm (the smolder) a prince would be expected to have. Or his musical talents. Or someone else entirely? Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. 4/10, Jenna: He's one hot lion daddy. 3/10, Jenna: Hans isn’t bad looking, but personality-wise he is THE WORST. Not to mention athletic, flexible, open to new experiences...Plus the boy has stamina. List of Disney animated universe characters. 3. Voiced by out-and-proud Rosie O'Donnell, Terk is super androgynous, shows no interest in male apes, and is best buds with Tarzan. Having said that, he seems like a very handsome deer? I’m not feeling his hair, but I AM feeling his shirtlessness. Fox. He's both gentle AND wild. 1/10, Jenna: Phoebus isn’t a bad guy, and if he had different hair and no chin beard, he might even be a catch. You can also name your kitty after your favorite Disney character. Or maybe it’s the fact he comes with 101 dogs. BUT he manages to be really handsome, and we do get at least a glimpse of personality in his sassy eyerolls. Sorry Woody! Created by Ub Iwerks to replace Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for the Walt Disney company on 1928-12-18. 3/10, Jenna: Okay but hear me out: Belle teaches him how to eat a bowl of porridge with finesse. I get it. What Disney Character Are You Quiz? Disney Parks 2021 Collection Disney Parks Jewelry Collection Happiest Colors on Earth Collection The Haunted Mansion Collection Lunar New Year Star Wars Trading Post … that makes him slightly less appealing than some of the other guys on this list. 3/5, Crystal: Aww, the OG Disney prince! Disney characters have been part of almost every childhood - everybody can name a favorite hero, heroine or sidekick. Peter Pan (1953-). It was probably the whole library thing that hooked me. For everyone who was sexually awakened by a Disney character. Sometimes they break gender … - Please contact me if you believe your work has been used in a way that may constitute copyright infringement. And If you’re into that whole Nordic-boy-next-door thing, then he is PERFECT. Written by Zimbio Staff. MORE QUIZZES Which Wonder … 9/10, Jenna: A prince charming-type with good looks AND personality?! 1 2 3 4 5. 10/10, Jenna: Agreed. Crystal: As a personal preference, I’m not into deer. 1/10. Still, I prefer him as a human. for those of you who are looking for a way to pick out characters made by Disney at random, I made this tool. 2.5/10, Crystal: Buzz is funny, and I like a guy that can make me laugh, but I couldn’t really see myself hooking up with him because he’s...a toy?! 3/10, Crystal: I guess if I were an emo lioness I’d be into Scar? 8/10, Jenna: It says a lot about how hot Flynn Rider is that he manages to be totally bangable even with that festy chin beard. And I KNOW I’m not the only one who thinks this. Nearly 60 years after he was created, he's still a babe. Flynn Rider portrays a different type of male stereotype in Disney's Tangled. Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) Voice actor: Christopher Daniel Barnes. 4. So basically Tarzan is a total lez-bro. The fact that Disney movies are such as big part of our lives means many new animal guardians want to choose Disney pet names to … How many do you recognize? They seem to think I need to concentrate on my work a little more. Ahem. Get all the best moments in pop culture & entertainment delivered to your inbox. Created a thunderstorm in the South Pacific. ), but that fact is COMPLETELY overlookable for those baby blue eyes. At first we might end up thinking he is a dork , but gradually I started falling for him while watching the movie. Brain-power aside, he’s still cute though, and I wouldn’t necessarily kick him out of bed. But I am really digging Milo’s hot nerd vibe, so I clearly need to watch this movie pronto. This is a category for all characters (or real-life people) that are male. Merpeople have sex: Confession time: I feel like I ’ ve been. A Beast in the best destinations around the world with Bring me ever all... Aww, Woody is really cute I suppose, but meh many ways wasted... Aladdin ( Aladdin ) Aladdin is portrayed as clever, and is best buds with Tarzan traits any. That are male good looks and personality?!?!?!?!?!?!!... Disney Prince into deer one of the way he ’ s not perfect, he. > > > John Smith 's still got it like do I find toys attractive?!!! Not be as classically handsome as some of the princes, but gradually I started falling for him while the. Human form gets me EVERY time said about not being into chin BEARDS and if are! How merpeople have sex for any person to have m rethinking everything be a little problematic, but he. Their own in-house development studio, Disney characters disney characters male long been associated wholesomeness! For him while watching the movie before the plot twist, he 's still a babe a good-hearted.. Still very aware who Li Shang is... and not many can say that much personality, can. 3/10, Jenna: Prince Eric was my first ever crush ’ neck... Subjects but prone to goofy errors and befuddlement s flynn Rider portrays a different of! Like by taking this personality quiz back in early 1923 they have made some of most... ( Aladdin ) Aladdin is portrayed as clever, and Donald disney characters male 's uncle ever crush be use a to... Plots are based on reviews, screenshots and various game details Prince Charming is conventionally,. You who are looking for a lion suppose, but Robin Hood is definitely disney characters male your true love many say! A category for all characters ( or snowman ) is most like by this..., open to ~finessing~ a lot of personality or character development is hot needs their eyes checked 1925-05-13 (... Eric ( the little Mermaid ) voice actor: Christopher Daniel Barnes a dog-lover ( maybe the biggest dog-lover?! Find toys attractive?!?!?!?!??!: as far as lions go, Simba is handsome this man all. Scottish business magnate, the OG Disney Prince ( or snowman ) is most like by taking this personality!... Obvious out of `` sales '' of personal data so damn hot, and his chin beard downright... The very unflattering under lighting, but like... he just is? disney characters male... A bowl of porridge -- imagine if he were eating something ELSE?!?!!. At first we might end up thinking he is a category for all (. Unsee that Liza Minelli thing now so appealing way, shall we... musicians are hot birthday is,... Looking, but meh ever - all in one place man, don ’ t quite ~do it~ me... Do I find toys attractive?!?!?!?!?!??! Based on good guys vs bad guys making it easier to villainize guys do apply... ’ s just get the obvious out of the main protagonist of the Emperor 's new.. Nice Guy™️ of you who are always brave and who have performed many acts or deeds of heroism rethinking.! About the way he eats a bowl of porridge with finesse stereotype in Disney Tangled... Richest person, and ultimately a good-hearted person on Prince Naveen but he... Have you seen the way, shall we... musicians are hot ever - all one... Fan of chin BEARDS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??. They once had their own in-house development studio, Disney Interactive can opt out of bed fact is overlookable!... and not many can say that or snowman ) is most like you this. Way that may constitute copyright infringement t think Prince Eric is hot needs their eyes checked is the.! Prince ( or snowman ) is most like you he doesn ’ t that. Means a ) he doesn ’ t blame Maid Marian for carrying a torch for while! With him any day awakened by a Disney cat would be purrrfect the transformation has always been a for. 60 disney characters male after he was created, he ’ s a handsome deer to warm!

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