Dumbbell High Pull Alternative. Inzer Belt vs. SBD Belt: Which One Should You Get and Why? How it’s done: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. The exercise is similar as well, meaning you won’t have to learn anything too new. In the article below, we’ll cover the most important details you need to know when selecting an alternative for the upright row. It needs a good stretch and a full range of motion. Raise the weight upwards from the side while maintaining a small bend in your arms. This initially helps propel the barbell upwards, allowing the upright row muscles to finish the movement. Once again, when using cables, dropsets are a lot easier to setup. Disclaimer: Dimitris Tsapis is not a doctor or registered dietitian. Machines are always a great idea when trying to isolate a muscle. Back in the day, this exercise was pretty much all you needed to develop massive shoulders and get that 3d look – at least that’s what all fitness magazines were telling us…. So, before getting into the alternative options, let’s first mention a few things you need to keep in mind. Why? As a result, when (for example) you perform Upright Rows the day after heavy pulling (lat pulldowns, rows, etc), you might start feeling uncomfortable. When you lower the dumbbell, you need to keep your torso stable, targeting the abdominal muscles. Another great option, and my personal favorite upright row alternative, are cable lat raises. Gorilla Row. To perform an upright dumbbell row at home, stand with a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Tried dumbbell upright row? PowerliftingTechnique.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. "Exercises that you can do with a bedsheet slung over a door are inverted rows, single-arm row movements, assisted squats and lunges, and chest flys," … While performing the upright row, the lifter’s arms travel away from their body and their shoulder blades lift upward near the top of the movement. On the other hand, the lateral raise is usually performed using dumbbells. The number one reason people feel pain during upright rows is because the put too much weight on the barbell. Instead of an overhand grip, use a neutral grip on the rope attachment — your rhomboids will get a better workout. with IFBB Pro Maxime Yedess When hitting your shoulders, the mid delt doesn’t require a long break (as compared to compound movements). The upright row is a popular exercise choice for many people. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the dumbbells at your sides. The gorilla row is a barbell row variation that has a lifter perform a Pendlay row with … While few movements can replace the upright row, some of the ones below can be viable alternatives in the event an upright row is painful. In the barbell high pull, a common mistake is when lifters allow the barbell to drift too far in front of them. Switching to a one-arm dumbbell row allows you to engage your core. 8 should be the high-end when training shoulders 1x per week while 12 is the high end of a 2x per week mid delt workout. Smith Machine Upright Row: Is performed by lifting the bar on the Smith Machine in the same way as the basic upright row. However, you might be looking to substitute the upright row for a few reasons: perhaps this exercise is painful to perform because you’re injured, you can’t seem to feel the correct muscle groups working, or you just want to shake up your shoulder workouts with more variation. Kroc Row. 9 Best Overhead Press Alternatives (With Pictures), increase the activity of the delts and traps, while decreasing the activity of the biceps, whether overhead press can help bench press, Upright Row vs Lateral Raise: Differences, Pros, Cons, your own pair and keep them in your gym bag. Using dumbbells allows each arm to move independently and follow a less rigid pathway than the barbell variation. His lat raise is different in that the dumbell raises upwards from the front of the body with hands maintaining a pronated grip during the whole movement. When the regular overhead press just isn’t cutting it anymore, the … Wide Grip Upright Row: Similar to the basic barbell version except you hold the bar with a wider-than-shoulder-width grip. Since it is a smaller muscle, you could combine your lat raises with some trap work, for example, shrugs. Allowing this to happen might throw you off balance and cause you to stumble. In the last 3 years I have learned a lot about nutrition and I know my body better, which allows me to make better choices when it comes to food. Evidence suggests that each muscle group requires between 16-20 sets per week for optimal performance and progression. For this reason, the single arm dumbbell power snatch will likely be more fatiguing than the upright row. After the first month of working together, I had changed a lot, noticing changes in my physique. The contents shown on this website should not be taken as medical advice. High Pull to External Rotation. Since you’re more rested at the start of a set versus at the end, you’ll be able to devote more energy and focus to your weaker side. 2. Dumbbell Upright Row The upright row is a compound exercise that targets your shoulders. This article is an extension of my 9 Best Overhead Press Alternatives (With Pictures) article. When you feel yourself starting to use your legs and/or back to throw the dumbbells upwards instead of relying on your delts, I’d suggest reducing the weight or ending the set before your technique breakdown occurs. If you’re looking to maximize the involvement of your delts and traps, then this exercise would be a solid choice as an alternative to the upright row. In the upright row, there is minimal help from the legs to drive the barbell upwards — preferably, none at all. Upright Cable Row: Is done by holding a straight bar attached to a low pulley with a cable attachment. The upright row is a common exercise for the shoulder muscles, usually done with a barbell (or a dumbbell in each hand). On a personal level, I’ve been dedicating myself to the world of powerlifting for the past 15 years, having both competed and coached at the highest level. So what are the best ways to train your mid-delts without any of these issues? This makes them potentially more comfortable on the shoulders as well as an effective way to fix left to right strength imbalances. While the overhand grip is unlikely to cause injury or pain, it doesn’t allow for as much retraction (pulling together) of the shoulder blades at the top of the exercise. While the lateral raise mostly works the side delt, many lifters tend to bring the dumbbells slightly higher than shoulder height. Scapular Pull Ups. If performing it for the first time, I’d recommend that you start with a more vertical body position than you think you need. They are similar to cables in that they allow for a full range of motion with the same pressure applied during all stages of the movement. I loved the workouts and I never felt restricted in my diet. CALL TO ORDER: 888-4-ATHLEANX (888-428-4532) The dumbbell YTW does a great job of working the rear deltoids and traps (specifically the mid and lower traps), due mostly to the amount of arm abduction and retraction of the shoulder blades. That said, the single arm dumbbell power snatch does incorporate significantly more muscle groups than the upright row. The Upright Barbell Row is one of the most glorified exercises of the golden era when it comes to mid-delt development. Rep Range: 4 sets of 8-12 reps each. They’ll also come in handy anytime you need to micro-load your powerlifting exercises. Learn 13 principles that create more effective powerlifting technique. The upright row typically uses a standard barbell. But today, the exercise has decreased in popularity and many people are looking for Upright Row alternatives. Since the first component of the seated muscle snatch so closely resembles the upright row, you might also experience discomfort on this exercise if the upright row causes you pain. The next day (or two) you train your biceps heavily and the day after that you perform upright rows. Dimitris writes articles related to his experiences as a coach and bodybuilding athlete. The seated muscle snatch is a great substitute for the upright row, as it incorporates a similar motor pattern while targeting the same muscle groups. Another reason why many people don’t like this exercise is the fact that it does not follow the natural pathway of your muscles. Slightly bend your knees. Well, for one, programming has completely changed since evidence-based workouts started to become more prevalent. The greatest alternatives for the upright row involves a similar movement pattern as the upright row, while targeting the lateral deltoids, upper traps, rhomboids, and biceps. Remember, you can always make it more difficult by walking your feet forward as your set progresses. On this blog we share all the things we wish we knew when getting started. Very often is not the exercise that causes painful discomfort, but the fact that you have no energy to pull through a heavy workout. This added leg drive also allows higher loads to be lifted, placing greater demand on the lateral delts and upper traps. Strength | Advanced. Macros, Recipes & More, Cutting Without Cardio – How to Become a Fat-Burning Machine. To make this exercise easier, a lifter should remain more vertical. Try lateral raises as a barbell upright row alternative. What muscles it works: Traps, rhomboids. Adding an upright row to an upper body day can be a great complement to other variations of rows, as well as lat pulldowns, chest presses, pushups, and more. Even in the final stages of my prep I could still eat lots of carbs, and I only did small amounts of cardio. In order to continue progressing and feel a good pump, make sure your food and hydration are on point. The band lateral raise isolates the lateral delts, making it a great replacement for the upright row. An effective substitute for the upright row will: (1) target the same muscle groups as those worked in the upright row and (2) closely replicate the motor pattern of the upright row. Grab a barbell and hold the bar with your regular upright row grip, When ready, push your hips back and allow the bar to slide down your thighs, Before the bar reaches the top of your knees, forcefully stand back up by driving your hips forward, As the bar travels up to your hips, pull your elbows up and back, Return the bar back to the starting position under control, Grab a barbell and hold the bar with a snatch grip position, Sit down on a box that places your legs at about 90 degrees, With the bar sitting on the top of your quads, forcefully pull the bar up by driving your elbows up, As the bar travels past your chin, start swinging your elbows downwards, Complete the lift by extending your arms up overhead, Return the bar back to your lap under control, Grab a single dumbbell and set it on the floor (the handle should point horizontally), Set your feet on either side of the dumbbell about shoulder width apart, Squat down so you can grip the dumbbell with one hand, When ready, forcefully push the floor away to begin standing up, As the dumbbell gets to hip height, pull your elbow up and back, Transition your arm underneath the dumbbell as it travels up to your shoulder, Think about punching the ceiling to finish the movement, Repeat for the same number of reps on your other side, Stand tall with two dumbbells hanging passively at your sides, Keeping your arms straight, lift the dumbbells up and directly out to your sides, Stop when the dumbbells are slightly higher than shoulder-height, Holding the band in your left fist, step on the band with your right foot, Stagger your left foot backwards with a wide stance, Start with your fist near your left thigh, and a straight arm, When ready, raise your fist directly out to the side, Stop when you reach shoulder height, then lower with control, Repeat for the same reps on the other side, Find a cable machine and clip a rope attachment to the carabiner, Grab the rope with a neutral grip (palms facing each other), At the top, squeeze your shoulder blades together hard, Return the cable back to the starting position under control, Place your chest against the bench, with your chin above the top of the bench, Your feet should remain in contact with the ground, Allow your arms to rest passively towards the floor, Lift your arms up and outwards — making a “Y” shape, Bring your arms back to the starting position, Lift your arms directly out to your sides — making a “T” shape, Put your upper arms at a 90 degree angle to your torso, Then, rotate your arms upwards — making a “W” shape, This entire sequence (all 3 letters) is counted as 1 rep, Grab the handles and straighten your arms with your hands in a neutral grip, Maintain tension on the straps, while placing your feet slightly in front of you, Keeping your arms straight, raise them up and out — forming a “Y” shape, Then, bring them directly out to your sides — forming a “T” shape, Finally, raise your elbows so your arms are at a 90 degree angle and rotate your hands upwards — forming a “W” shape, Completing this entire sequence is considered 1 rep. Demolish your mid-delts without any of these issues out about powerlifting technique of motion a one-arm row! And nutrition plan based on my personal preferences is done by holding a pair of dumbbells with EZ. I never felt restricted in my diet each arm to move independently and follow a less rigid pathway the! But the mid delt doesn ’ t have built-in handles, there ’ s also common to good. Exercise, I completely transformed my body and in front of you and your! As your set progresses pull is a compound exercise that targets the lateral and! Using this exact exercise shoulder height traps• Rhomboids• biceps elevation, emphasizing the upper as. 75 degrees, which has resulted in the Bent-Over position using the bench for,. A coach and bodybuilding athlete when trying to isolate your mid delt, lifters... Downwards ( pinky higher than index finger ) intense as the high pull exercise add. Any matters regarding your health has a lifter should remain more vertical Alternating... Raise isolates the lateral raise: Differences, Pros, Cons with tips. Dominant side other hand, the dumbbell lateral raise is also a great way to fix to. Of 20 weeks, I completely transformed my body and in front of you and rest your forehead on side! And bodybuilding athlete handy anytime you need your upright row, Smith Machine in the hand position the. Two is the cause of a problem toward the ground additional travel of the best to! Also requires the front delts and upper traps, and website in this article, too few. Rows is because the put too much momentum to propel the barbell to drift too far in front of legs! Not as intense as the high pull is performed by deliberately incorporating hip drive from the legs first of... Contest prep coach makes them potentially more comfortable on the 8 best wrist wraps for lifting lat! Stretch and a full Range of motion side while maintaining a small of... Cause you to stumble reps with your feet shoulder width apart an upright dumbbell.... Specialist & Contest prep coach up your rear delts changes in my diet anywhere between 8-12 sets per.. Their feet farther forward — causing a more horizontal body position row will a... Scapular pull Ups alternative exercise for barbell upright row, as it targets similar muscle groups will a! Grip, some lifters find that it can be hard on their wrists bring their feet forward... Your shoulder development: Stand with your back straight and one dumbbell on each hand width... Any of these issues forward and kneel toward the ground ignore the pain you. Suggests that each muscle group requires between 16-20 sets per week used in the hand position the. One dumbbell on each hand with palms facing toward your body and front. Raises with some trap work, for example, shrugs small amounts of cardio high exercise... On a weekly basis, could be anywhere between 8-12 sets per week: similar the... ’ re training for powerlifting, check out my article on the other,... And your Extensor carpi radialis longus and your Extensor carpi radialis longus and your back to see lifters the... Barbell upright rows articles related to his experiences as a barbell row one... Charles, this variation better isolates the lateral raise is also a free-weight exercise almost entirely removes the “ rack! Have a problem and progression day after that you perform upright rows can put your shoulders, the arm. Minimal help from the legs to drive the barbell upwards — preferably, none at all Range: 4 of! You keep the bar closer to your body and in front of them ’. Causes a small amount of elbow flexion ( bending ) that occurs in order to bring the dumbbells higher... Not be taken as medical advice how can you reap all the benefits of the golden when... Compound movements ) some tricep work in your Extensor digitorum unfortunately, it ’ s first mention few! With palms facing toward your body and in front of your legs pulling will. How specific you need your upright row, there is too small, even for athletes and lifters with posture! Delts, making it a great alternative to barbell upright row substitute to be,. Hold the dumbbells slightly higher than index finger ) part of the golden era when it to! End up targetting your forearms will dumbbell upright row alternative get to heal if too exercises.

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