Follow all safety codes. Over time, it can become trapped in your condensate drain line, causing blockage. Home; About us; PRODUCTS. A cooling coil’s drain- pan opening is located at the point in an airflow system where the air pressure— either positive or negative—is the greatest. Per code, condensate drain lines must be tied into the sanitary drain system by means of an indirect waste connection. For example: "In some installations, dirt or other debris may be 3/4"(19mm) Clear Braided Drain Hose - 30m . 0 Comment. Condensate drain hose trap. Running the condensate line into a tail piece of a sink is actually one of the best options to drain condensate from. Many times your first inkling of this problem is squishy carpet or wet socks. See ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2010 & 2012 IECC, "Insulation Requirements in Commercial Buildings for Mechanical and Service Hot-Water Piping", ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010, Section HVAC System Pipe Insulation, lists HVAC piping requirements and as an EXCEPTION, excludes from that requirement ", ICC, International Code Council, 500 New Jersey Avenue, NW - ICC IMC 307.2.5 & IRC M1411.3.3 Drain Line Maintenance code for 2015, original source:, Devices or methods for providing condensate drain cleaning or de-clogging are discussed in this companion article: CONDENSATE DRAIN CLEAN & DE-CLOG, The following HVACR condensate disposal recommendations summary cites, paraphrases, & comments on the widely adopted 2006 ICC model building code section on condensate disposal, section 307 [7], For the two Types of Condensate: Fuel burning devices vs Evaporators & cooling coils. Check it periodically and clean, if necessary." C ondens ate dr ain age from air-conditionin g equipmen t is ex tremel y im p or tan t. In h umid clim ates , a lot of mois tur e is in the air. That would include the main plumbing vent stack. [10] "Whirlpool WGPH45 Packaged Heat Pump, Product Specifications", Whirlpool Corporation, [copy on file]. Air conditioning condensate drain clogging - how to de-clog the A/C condensate line or drain pump. The condensate is constantly traveling through the humid drain piping where algae loves to grow. Find your condensate drain line exit. Attic air conditioner drip pan 310 1 condensate drains understanding evaluating condensation and condensate switch controversy hvac condensate drain pan Condensate Drain Codes Best Practices HvacConsulting Specifying Er Cooling Coil Condensate SystemCharleston Home Inspector Discusses Air Handler Condensate LinesCharleston Home Inspector Discusses Air Handler Condensate … Just my opinion. by Daria. Pipework . Let’s take a look at what the codes say about condensate control and adherence to the code when doing an HVAC change-out. Central air conditioners produce something other than cool comfort: water, lots of it. -- [Thanks to Al Carson, Carson Dunlop Associates, Toronto], Note: new in 2015 is the ICC IMC 307.2.5 & IRC M1411.3.3 Drain Line Maintenance code for 2015, The ICC, under "Drain Line Maintenance" requires that, Condensate darins shall be configured to permit the clearing of blockages and performance of maintenance without having to cut the line. DariaI want to help but am stymied: the decision to include or not the actual drain line as part of the condensate pump system is going to be in the tiny mind and hands of the insurance company's adjuster department. [6] Simpson Strong-Tie, "Code Compliant Repair and Protection Guide for the Installation of Utilities in Wood Frame Construction", web search 5/21/12, original source, [copy on file as /Structures/Framing/Simpson_Framing_Protectors.pdf ]. Typically, those 3/4″ pipes are plumbed into a bathroom sink’s drain that is on average 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ in diameter. The condensate drain pan is meant to collect water that results from the air conditioning process. Proper air conditioner installation is necessary to make your home comfortable by controlling air temperature and humidity. Problems With a Central Air Conditioner's Condensate Drain. On 2020-05-14 23:06:02.346932 314.2.2 Drain Pipe Materials and Sizes. discharge into a street, alley or other areas so as to cause a I inspected a home earlier today and they had the AC condensate drainage into the (previous) laundry drainage. 311, Ecotech-1 Extn, Kasna Greater Noida - 201308 ; Send us a mail; PHONE NO. By Doni Anto | November 7, 2017. Do you know how to clean the drain line of your own air conditioner? Product code 19358. All components shall be selected for the … This may be accomplished at the key circuit breaker for that AC system or on the subpanel for that unit, if an example may be installed. This creates a nuisance area of slippery water that, over time, can even start creating algae which are even more slippery. An indoor disconnect switch. Air Conditioning Condensate Handling defects lead to condensate spillage, leaks, mold. "The information in this guide is a summary of requirements Carson Dunlop Associates sketches (left) illustrate both acceptable and not-recommended locations for the discharge of an air conditioner or heat pump condensate drain line discharge. IMC 307.1 and CMC 310.1 talk about condensate from the cooling coils we’re installing in people’s homes. 307.2.3 recommends any of the following methods for handling a backup condensate overflow protection system: Section 307.2.3.1 requires use of a water-level monitoring device to provide condensate overflow protection on equipment where there is no secondary condensate drain and no ability to install an auxiliary condensate drain pan. In my experience there are few areas of the trade where technician and installer preferences and opinions vary greatly. 3/8" Clear Braided Drain Hose 30m . health and safety concerns are reviewed. You have a double water seal this way (P trap in the condensate line, and one at the bottom of the sink) so a virtual guarantee of no sewer gas getting into the air stream. We interpret this provision to defer to the … And trust me, it will! Add. 5. Reader Question: 7 Feb 2015 Diane S said:In SC, does the condensation line of an attic HVAC unit need to be insulated? Find the Drain Pan. In this blog, we’ll be talking about the importance of installing condensate drain lines correctly so the system doesn’t cause damage to your customer’s home. Add. Find your condensate drain line exit. closet. [9] "GE Zoneline® Owners Manual and Installation Instructions, Heat Pump Model 5800", General Electric Corporation, [copy on file]. Our AC condensate pumps eliminate the need to rely on gravity to remove condensate from the system. There’s one final little touch I’d like to pass on to you. Or should the air handler be seated on rubber be seated on rubber bushings? In new homes, city codes require drain lines from the air conditioner’s condensate line which are often located in the attic to tie in or be plumbed to the home’s plumbing system. But, what also I noticed was that the primary condensate drain had been capped off with no outlet. 22mm Overflow Drain to 3/8" Hose Reducer . Of course, if you don’t get the water up out of your carpet and pad and both dried quickly, you can end up with mold. Not only that, it can cost you more as your air conditioner consumes more energy. Product code 19355. This is just another prime example of how installers can set a system up for success down the road when another technician comes to service it. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. Proper air conditioner installation is necessary to make your home comfortable by controlling air temperature and humidity. Every endeavour shall be made to run air conditioning condensate, evaporative cooling and mechanical ventilation fan drain lines to the nearest storm water or sewerage connection in accordance with the local council authority requirements. The drain must discharge by gravity to a drywell or an indirect waste, or to a condensate pump that connects to Because the condensate drain pan is located right by the furnace, either on top of below, it is in the path of hot air with each heating cycle. The code book says the size of the pipe is for one or a combination of units, or as recommended by the manufacturer. If you fail to clean certain parts of your air conditioner, it can compromise its effectiveness. 1. Public Way - Condensate or wastewater shall not drain over a public way. Let’s take a look at what the codes say about condensate control and adherence to the code when doing an HVAC change-out. RE: … A little further up the drain, toward the evaporator coil, the question is, do we have to install a p-trap or not? … what are the rules or code for ac condensate drain traps ... Now they cut the pcvc at the furnace and put in a trap and ran it down and ted into the furnace condensate drain and ran to my floor drain. Install drain valves after separators, dryers, filters, and aftercoolers to collect and remove water from your air line. When air conditioners became a common household item, people quickly noticed a cheerful side effect to their operation: Water! As time goes on, mould or algae may grow on the drain line or dirt may accumulate and block the drain line. Unclog Condensate Drain on Air Conditioner - Locate the electricity switch for that AC system, and swap it in order to off, location. It is usually a white PVC pipe located near your outdoor unit. Air Conditioning . An old foreman of mine always liked to glue in his PVC with the lettering facing away from the perspective of the person sitting on the platform. An automatic air conditioner condensate drain line clean-out system ( 1 ) having a flushing line ( 6 ) which is preferably supplied by a home's hot water heater and connected to a condensate drain line ( 3 ). 310.3.1 basically says it’s not reasonable to ask a future technician who has to come out to clear a blockage, to cut the PVC lines in order to do so. Little touches like this can make the difference between a clean install and an average install. 2016 CALIFORNIA MECHANICAL CODE / CALIFORNIA PLUMBING CODE CONDENSATE DISPOSAL REQUIREMENTS Air conditioner cooling coils require a condensate drain with a trap in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions [310.1]. Bob,In new HVAC condensate drain installation when the drain is run through framed walls, use of a flexible plastic drain line is common - as shown in the photo I'll attach below and as is described further at in my OPINION a better installation uses rigid PVC pipe, properly sloped 1/8" to 1/4" per foot. Make sure to check the installation manual if you have two systems. I’m not here to pretend I know or could even interpret all the codes correctly. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. A central air conditioner condensate trap purpose is to prevent air from being discharged from or sucked back into the “A” coil compartment or air handler during system operation. That means we cannot dump into anything downstream of a trap. Is this an acceptable form of condensate drainage? We interpret this provision to defer to the equipment manufacturer's installation instructions. Examples of Model Building Codes Condensate Disposal Regulations & Recommendations. This is the condensate drain, which plays an important role in removing condensation produced by your air conditioner's evaporator coil. I am planning on using PVC pipe and does the pipe need to be insulated? They will eventually rust out and create a new problem. W hen the air is co ole d thr o ugh an air-conditionin g pr o - ces s, this w ater is condens ed o ut of the air. In some areas of the United States, a “gel-like” or “slime-like” substance may be seen in the base pan. We have all kinds of great videos about your home’s hvac system. Product code 19351. We discuss air conditioning, heat pump & condensing boiler or furnace condensate drain leaks, locations, causes, repairs. A drain pan for collecting and draining condensate from a packaged vehicle roof mounted air conditioning unit. Why Does Condensation Form on My Home’s Windows. When we are mounting to the deck, I use cut-off PVC piping to create stanchions, and reinforce the downward grade, off the service platform. Watch out: in our OPINION and as we discuss in these articles, while a trap on a condensate drain line, usually provided quite close to the condensate collection pan itself, can reduce the chances of sewer gases backing up from a condensate drain that has been connected to the building DWV vent piping (not a procedure we recommend), a conventional P-trap in the condensate drain will not protect against all sewer gas backup possibilities. Look for that tail end from the condensate strain line for that AC system. (IRC), International Building Code (IBC), International Plumbing GerardThe manufacturer of your air handler is the final authority on this installation detail but in my OPINION while it's common to see an air handler set into a drain pan on wood and sometimes other materials, a rubber anti-vibration pad would be a better practice for two reasons:1. vibration transmission to the building framing (if the unit is installed on a wood frame floor or ceiling) will make the unit noiser than necessary2. Why would we be worried about draining our condensate liquid into the rain gutter? But you still need to confirm to yourself that the ENTIRE drain line has at least, an eighth-inch slope to it. We've got an existing old AC install on an … Build-up of this debris can be carried off as condensate drains from the coil. Maybe it was a dream. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. At the very least, a cleanout is required by code. Air Coolers. Wow, this blog got a little long! Condensate or waste water shall not drain over a public way. Another possible reason could be that your condensate pump may have broken down completely and is in need of a replacement. I have to imagine that with A/C being so much more common in the US, the only reason something similar hasn't been developed or adapted for use here is because it isn't allowed. Be mindful of the lettering on the PVC piping. Thin aluminum rain gutters were not designed to carry this type of corrosive waste to the ground. For the In other words, the water that is extracted from your indoor unit needs to be clean, or at a later date, you'll be dealing with either a blocked drain or faulty condensate pump. As far as sizing goes, we use 3/4 inch Schedule 40 PVC drains for all residential HVAC. And to clarify that, an indirect waste pipe is something upstream of a trap rather than downstream, and this includes the main venting stack as well. Condensate leak Watch out: But as youll see from the annotations on your photo there are some other questions here, including a water heater TPR valve safety concern and possible leaks into the return air duct system. I never stopped doing it that way again because it looks clean. Thank you for your help with this matter. The drain must discharge by gravity to a drywell or an indirect waste, or to a condensate pump that connects to an indirect waste. We’re going to have to tackle secondary condensate drainage on another video. Wear safety glasses and work gloves and place a fire extinguisher close to the work area. As time goes on, mould or algae may grow on the drain line or dirt may accumulate and block the drain line. The inspectors say we if we discharge the condensate into the house’s actual drainage system, it must be by means of an indirect waste pipe. You’ve installed the new system and now that you’ve adapted into the existing drain line, you own the whole drain line. The drain drops down then runs out through the wall to the building exterior where it drains onto a roof and thence into a gutter and downspout system if not totally evaporated.The red oval and line mark a critical point where nail plates must be installed to protect the drain line from puncture by future drywall screws or nails.The black tubing in the photo is actually foam insulated refrigerant piping. Introducting new innovative condensate drain pumps for taking care of water drainage of split ac in your home and offices. Anyway, I found this Document from the QLD government that specifies how air conditioners have to be installed in schools. We have to use an approved corrosion resistant pipe like Schedule 40 PVC. Notice that one of the most common condensate disposal locations, connection to a plumbing stack vent pipe, is not recommended and is prohibited by building code in some jurisdictions. Air conditioning Systems. Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands enforce one or more of the I-Codes. IMC 307.2.2 tells us that an A/C condensate drain inside diameter should not be smaller than 3/4″ and should not be smaller than the drain pan outlet diameter. If the evaporator coil is on the inside of the building, you'll find a drain pan near the indoor AC unit. Plumbing Code (UPC) and the 2005 National Electrical Code." My opinion also is that the cost of tubing or plastic drain lines for a condensate pipe is trivial, just a few dollars, and perhaps not worth your time arguing with your warranty company. Another important topic is covered by the code books and installation manuals for the equipment being installed. The reason of water leaks from an air conditioner might be that the condensate drain of the system gets clogged up due to algae or fungi, and causes the water to back up the pipe and into your home. CMC 310.3 says condensate waste pipes must be made from materials designed to work with that type of condensate drainage. Condensate Drain Codes Best Practices Hvac. I don’t look codes up but for the past 51 years you have never been able to connect a condensate drain to a vent stack unless the trap is a wet trap which means there must be a liquid seal in the trap 365. It's useful to know the location of the drain pan because there are a few steps to AC maintenance that require knowing the location of the pan, including cleaning the condensate drain line. They’re excellent for compressed air systems with high oil content because they resist clogging when water, oil, and sediment combine to form sludge. It may not be defined as a “public walkway,” but it would still be a nuisance for the homeowner and family members who must walk through that wet spot every day during normal activities. To clarify, an indirect waste pipe is something that is upstream of a trap. I think it is the drain pipe and I tried to follow your video on how to unblock it … Product code 19358. Quoting. This gives your drain pipe a uniform look and makes it easy for the inspector to pass your job. 2. Model building code requirements for a trap on the HVACR condensate drain system. Once you've completed installing a new air conditioner, your work isn't quite finished. This mandatory cleanout allows technicians to blow-out the lines with compressed air at a later date when mold and gunk build up inside it. One thing you should prove to yourself if you’re the one installing or modifying the current drain line, is to make sure you get a level on it. International: (202) 370-1800, Website:, Electronic / Digital products including copies of the ICC codes: 888-ICC-SAFE (888-422-7233), ext. When the AC works it condenses the water in the air, and in surprising quantities, … If the line isn’t properly cleaned, algae and mold can grow inside and clog the drain… My "guess" is that the reason those pumps are excluded is an effort to avoid leak and mold damage liability. Drain Pitch An indirect waste … Residential HVAC installers have to understand so many facets of the construction industry. Each air handler has a drain pan to collect condensate, but the drain pans in the air handlers are usually not large enough to collect all the condensate from an air … Here is an excerpt from the Uniform Mechanical Code pertaining to the disposal of air conditioning condensate: Condensate from air washers, air cooling coils, fuel-burning condensing appliances, the overflow from evaporative coolers and similar water supplied equipment or similar air conditioning equipment shall be collected and discharged to an approved plumbing fixture or disposal area. LG Split Room Air Conditioner Model: ES-H1264NA4 Our Air con unit is leaking water. If discharged into the drainage system equipment shall drain by means of an indirect waste pipe. But I hope this answers some questions you have about the building code, HVAC installations, and condensate drain lines. For the primary condensate drain the installer piped 3/4" pvc into a condensate pump, which will discharge into a nearby vanity sink prior to the trap via 3/8" vinyl plastic tubing. We did not find cleaning requirements for condensate drip trays cited in the model building codes surveyed to date. We make a three-inch hole in the sidewalk and bore all the way through the 4 to 6 inches of concrete and fill it with pea gravel. Add. My warranty company will not cover modification to my condensate drain line because the "items not covered" in my contract list the condensate pump." I’ve seen some pretty big dips in PVC piping which clogs the drain line, creates a backup, and causes water damage in the house. Product code 19350. Condensate water is not potable and therefore would be either an air gap or air break. Try the search box just below, or if you prefer, post a question or comment in the Comments box below and we will respond promptly. Product code 19349. Let’s start with some float switch basics Float (condensate) […] Not illegal but does sound as if there was a problem with the condensate drain system, My a/c in my apartment was under performing , so I took a look at the F.A.U. Re: air conditioner condensor drain; Author: hj (AZ) Condensate drains do not have a problem with TOO MUCH flow, their problem is they have so little that it does not keep itself flushed clear. Note: appearance of your Comment below may be delayed: if your comment contains an image, web link, or text that looks to the software as if it might be a web link, your posting will appear after it has been approved by a moderator.

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